Bulgaria was one of the first foreign countries in which Scandia started building strong on export.
Thus, in 2010 we developed our mainstream Scandia for Bulgarian market.
Designed to satisfy the family taste, our products are of high quality and have been developed according to category trends. Once our customers try them, they realize that’s a good choice. They have found a very good product for an affordable price.
The Bulgarian portfolio is varied and falls under 3 categories: pate, meat and ready meals.


  • Pork pate 100 g/200 g/300 g
  • Chicken pate 100 g/200 g/300 g
  • Goose liver pate 100 g
  • Vegetable pate 100 g/200g
  • Pork pate with green onions 200 g


  • Pork in own juice 300 g
  • Chicken in own juice 300 g


  • Beans and sausages 300 g
  • Peas and chicken breast 300 g

Our custom-designed campaign for Bulgaria was carried over on TV, Outdoor, Print, In-store.