Ensuring the quality of our products is the main focus of our team and one of the decisive elements of our success in time.

The production process is conducted under strict supervision and complying with quality and food and health security regulations in force thus giving us the certainty that our products can measure up to the highest requirements.

The quality and safety of our products are the result of Food Safety and Quality Management Standards implemented:

SR EN ISO 9001 and SR EN ISO 22000:2005 along with a complete package of hygiene and good practice measures.

The prizes awarded year after year in international competitions also speak for the quality of our products: DLG (German Organization that rewards the high quality of European food products).

That is not all, our concern and care for our customers have led us to achieve more international standards in quality management and food safety: IFS 5 (International Food Standard), BRC (British Retail Consortium).


Obtained for the first time in 2011 and recertified in 2012. The IFS standard is a management system that guarantees the highest levels of quality and safety of the products.


Obtained for the first time in 2011 and recertified in 2012. The BRC Standard represents the highest standard in the food processing industry.


This standard represents an analysis of the risks in all the technological phases or stages on the processing flow.


Standard held until 2011, but once we decided to export the Scandia products we obtained superior standards like IFS and BRC.