Private label

Under this umbrella we make reference to specific partners like wholesalers or retail chains for which we develop new recipes for pate, meat and ready meals. In Romania, we succeeded in covering over 80% of the private label market. So we transferred our expertise and know-how abroad. In the UK market, for instance, we already have a history in developing a new ready meals range under the Red Lion brand. We have also developed portfolios of Private Labels for customers in Italy, Sweden and Germany.

Koladin -  Costine con fagioliFILL'EM UP -Steak & kidney

As leaders on the product quality front we strive for the same when brand-dedicated packaging is concerned. We are able to meet a large range of requirements on packaging, such as:

Metal Bowl:

  • Weight: 120g / Ø 73mm
  • Weight: 200g /Ø 73mm

Metal cans:

  • Weight: 100g/ Ø 73mm,
  • Weight: 200g/ Ø 73mm,
  • Weight: 300g/ Ø 73mm,
  • Weight: 392g/ Ø 73mm,
  • Weight: 400g/ Ø 73mm,
  • Weight: 400g/ Ø 83mm,
  • Weight: 300g/ Ø 99mm,
  • Weight: 400g/ Ø 99mm,
  • Weight: 2000g/ Ø 153mm,
  • Weight: 2720g/ Ø 153mm;

Easy Peel lids:

  • Ø 73mm (minimum order applies);

Easy Open lids:

  • Ø 73 mm,
  • Ø 83mm,
  • Ø 99mm;


Label types:

  • sleeve; paper,
  • sticker,
  • manson

Standard lids:

  • Ø 73 mm,
  • Ø 99 mm,
  • Ø 153 mm;

We are proud to mention that Scandia is one of the few European producers that uses technology fit to close modern packages, such as Rexam.
For further details or different packaging solutions please contact us. We are confident to satisfy the needs of your business.