Our Factory

Panorama Fabrica Scandia
Scandia Food has always been and will continue to stand for quality, tradition and innovation and the new production facility that we opened in 2010 is once more a promise come true.
Complying with the highest standard in quality the new plant means:

  • an over 40 mil eur investment
  • cutting edge equipment and technologies
  • over 17,000 m2 production area
  • over 30,000 to/year processing capacity
  • top of the line warehouses for raw materials and end products
  • two production units, one for canned goods and one for cold cuts

We are constantly interested in our customers and clients satisfaction and want to provide the best products in terms of quality. Since Scandia Food is the main exporter for canned meat for over 40 years, we have built a large database of recipes, know-how, experience and working methods that enable our R&D department to develop recipes to fully meet our clients’ needs. Thus, in our plant over 200 recipes are processed every month.