Our team

Scandia Food Employees

We have a professionals team with managers, experts and specialists on the rise who know its role and impact on business and who acts on a number of highly valuable competencies: client oriented, team work, responsibility, positive attitude, communication and relating, action oriented, innovation, project management.

Our values are clearly set; some of them coming from our traditions are now enriched with modern values backing up the Company’s vision and mission.


Experience/Competence: Scandia team has many employees who started their careers here, growing together and bringing our today’s know-how, along with new people each with their own skills to complete the whole.

Care: Our team is aware of its social responsibility therefore being consistent in bringing innovative and nourishing products, in promoting a healthy and balanced life style through educational programs and environment protection actions in order to improve the quality of life for our consumers.

Innovation: The changes in our customers’ preferences drive us to always be open to progress, able to suggest, generate and implement new and creative solutions in order to meat the company’s strategic objectives while keeping with its traditional background.