About the company

Scandia Food is the market leader on the Romanian meat-based canned food market, with a market share of over 50% (according to Nielsen, 2012 December/January).

We produce a large range, from liver pate to canned ready meals and meat or vegetable based spreads (soy, spinach, beans or chickpea). Branded or private labels, in a variety of recipes we adjust to our clients’ and consumers’ needs. We produce from “gourmet” articles (wild boar and deer terrine, whole goose liver or whole duck liver pates) to ethnic foods (Filipino,Halal, Indian, Malay).

PatePate:Our pate is a true success story, starting with the regular, fine textured pork pate – like a Brussels pate – we have developed into producing more than twenty assortments in an array of packaging, sizes, textures and qualities. This success is reflected in the significant market share we have – over 58% (Nielsen, 2012 D/J).

 Canned meats Canned meats:Our canned meats respond to any customer requirements as our current range goes from premium, with up to 90% meat content, all the way to very affordable products.


Ready mealsReady meals: the ready meals we produce go from traditional, Romanian recipes such as stuffed cabbage rolls to international such as chili con carne to even exotic. They also vary in range from the premium handmade, “homemade” style to more conventional recipes.


Vegetable based products:Vegetable based products: our vegetable based products encompass a vast range of recipes from some simple ones, based on soy to more complex combinations such as vegetable pate with peppers, olives or mushrooms for additional savour.
A new addition to the range is made of the vegetable appetizers and creamy soups developed by our R&D team. They differ from the similar products on market which are based on soy with their exclusive and original combinations of vegetables.

Cold cuts Cold cuts: Scandia’s dry-cured salami and cold cuts range is developed selecting the best ingredients and the recipes that satisfy every taste.



HoReCaHoReCa Line: Portofoliul de produse Scandia care alimentează linia HoReCa oferă cel mai bun raport preț/calitate în termenii produselor, gramajelor și formatului propus. Un punct forte în această piață este flexibilitatea, iar Scandia Food îndeplinește această cerință cu succes oferind gramajele atipice (gramaje intre 2kg – 2,720kg) sau caracteristici speciale cum ar fi baze de mâncăruri cu diferite concentrații.